Cannabis Incubator

Ryan T. Kocot, Esq.

Cannabis Business Lawyer

To aggressively advocate for a client, a California marijuana lawyer must understand all relevant cannabis law and understand the cannabis plant. How does a cannabis attorney define terms in a contract if they don’t understand the legal difference between “hemp” and “marijuana”? How does a a marijuana attorney poke holes in the district attorney’s theory if they can’t keep up with the State’s expert testimony?

Attorney Kocot is regularly consulted by other California attorneys representing cannabis clients and has been featured in the mainstream media and on expert cannabis panels across the country. If you are charged with a cannabis-related crime, or are a marijuana start-up or existing business, contact us today for a free consultation.

Attorney Kocot began his cannabis legal career by representing clients charged with cannabis-related charges, namely marijuana DUI charges. To effectively litigate these cases and aggressively cross examine the District Attorney’s expert in each case, Attorney Kocot developed a deep knowledge of the cannabis plant, its properties, and its effect on the human body.

Attorney Kocot has also put his cannabis knowledge to use by working with businesses in the Proposition 215 days, and now in the Proposition 64 era. Attorney Kocot has worked with marijuana businesses throughout the entire supply chain in multiple states and countries. As a result, Attorney Kocot is widely sought after for advice from other practicing attorneys as well as to speak on expert panels across the country.

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