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Attorney Kocot has handled just about every type of contract a cannabis business can come across. Now he helps cannabis businesses draft, negotiate, and close the following types of contracts:

Cannabis Real Estate Agreements

Cannabis applicants must show that they have the right to occupy the property that they intend to operate in. This means they must either show a lease showing that they’re renting the property, or a deed to show that they own the property.

Attorney Kocot handles lease drafting, negotiating, and closing for marijuana landlords and tenants. Similarly, he also handles purchase and sale agreements for sellers and buyers.

It is critical to hire an experience cannabis lawyer who is experienced in cannabis regulatory requirements, as well as marijuana zoning at the local level.

Marijuana Intellectual Property Agreements

Intellectual property (trademarks, copyright, patents, etc.) agreements are very common in the cannabis industry. Attorney Kocot has handled multiple intellectual property licensing agreements with professional athletes, as well as with established brands looking to scale into new markets.

Joint Venture Agreements in the Cannabis Industry

Much like intellectual property licensing agreements, joint venture agreements are frequently used by cannabis brands to scale into new markets. Attorney Kocot is very familiar with how to structure, negotiate, and close these agreements.

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Marijuana Industry

Mergers and acquisitions have become common in the cannabis industry due to market conditions. If you’re looking for buy or sell a marijuana business, please reach out. Attorney Kocot has represented buyers and sellers over the years.

Employment Agreements for Cannabis Employers & Employees

Cannabis employment agreements must consider all relevant local, state, and federal law. Attorney Kocot has helped employers draft these documents, and has also advised employees on proposed cannabis employment contracts.

Management Agreements for Cannabis Licensees

Management contracts are typically entered into when a licensee doesn’t want to handle all or a portion of its operations. Attorney Kocot has represented both licensees and service providers in cannabis management agreements.

Cannabis Consulting and Other Service Contracts

Attorney Kocot has reviewed and advised on third party consulting services agreements. The most common type of third party service agreement Attorney Kocot has worked on is cannabis consulting contracts. He’s represented both cannabis licenses looking to hire a third party service provider, as well as service providers.

Cannabis Licensee Partnership Agreements

Attorney Kocot regular advises cannabis businesses on agreements, such operating agreements, that define each partners’ role and responsibilities. These documents are key to avoiding disputes amongst partners.

General Cannabis Supply Chain Contracts

Attorney Kocot has been involved with marijuana supply chain contracts throughout the entire supply chain: cannabis cultivators, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers.

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