Cannabis Permitting

Cannabis businesses are typically limited to opening up in only certain zoning districts within a local jurisdiction. Most local jurisdictions require cannabis businesses to be located in commercial or industrial districts, and prohibit marijuana businesses from opening up in or near residential districts.

In addition to limiting where businesses can open to certain areas of town, local jurisdictions also typically require businesses to obtain a conditional use permit. Obtaining a conditional use permit can take anywhere from two to nine months (sometimes even longer), and consists of a local jurisdiction evaluating your property, its location, and any potential impact a cannabis business may have on the surrounding area.

Cannabis conditional use permit applications and processes vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and involve the management and coordination of many moving parts. Attorney Kocot has dealt with marijuana conditional use permits in multiple jurisdictions and can help your business navigate the permit process effectively and efficiently.

State and Local Cannabis Licensing

In addition to obtaining a conditional use permit, marijuana businesses typically must also obtain state and local licensing prior to opening their doors. It is critical that any cannabis business submitting an application not only work with someone who has submitted prior applications, but also with someone who has industry experience. Attorney Kocot has submitted countless successful applications and has operational experience. Operational experience is key to a successful marijuana business application because it ensures that the application demonstrates a well-rounded understanding of how to run a cannabis business compliantly and profitably.

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